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Process-Workflow Process Workflow

In this collaborative tool, you can draw your manufacturing process associating all information which could help their understanding: documents, operations time analysis, FMECA, etc. Visual alerts help you to control the whole information: missing or updated documents or analysis, or those in pending revision.


Operations-Management Operations Management

Define and standardize easily your operating routes by detailing the tasks list associated to each operation. Establish the necessary connexions with the information relative to the process: operating methods, components, tools and equipment, quality procedures, pictures and videos, etc. Give an added value level to each task and obtain the level of the entire operation, and then, of the entire process. This way, you will be able to detect improvement sources for each process.


Resources-balancing Resource Balancing

In order to reduce the time associated to manufacturing process, it is important to optimize the necessary resources number to each work station. With this tool, you will be able to adjust the process operations from basic data like operators, work stations, machines and references numbers. According to your client's needs, you can simulate different scenarios and find the best configuration to obtain the best productivity.

web Web Documents Management

In a Web environment, specially structured for the company, find all information associated to the industrialization process: documents per project, per process phase, per department... This way, you will be able to access the information easier, decreasing the search time. The process information can be extern to Krontime (calculation sheet, text sheet, presentation, e-mail, etc.) or come from a specific product (FMECA, time analysis, control plan, etc.).


Time Measurement Time Measurement

Predefined tables of time calculation are available among a range of time measurement techniques: stopwatch, MTM1, MTM2, MTM-UAS, MOST, mathematical formulas and parametrization, or direct time entry. You can easily associate this time to an operations structure for the maximum benefit. An Android version is also available: measure and calculate operating time directly from plant. Moreover, pictures and videos can be associated to the time study and to the operations structure.



FMECA--Control-Plan FMECA & Control Plans

Analyze your defect modes in an integrated database: to each default, you can associate the step of the corresponding process, and the relative control plan. In this way, control the coherence between information: stay informed of any change, and identify quickly the consequence on all information associated.
Thanks to its visual and collaborative aspect, you will identify quickly the corrective actions to take and follow their progress directly from the tool.