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Design: Miscellaneous

Development: Kukoa

Process-Project-Definition-1 Process/Project Definition

Make the definition of your standard operating sequences easier thanks to a visual tool, taking into account all essential information for each operation (components, tools, material, etc.). When a manufacturing order is launched, Krontime automatically selects the correct sequence and generates the corresponding tasks sequence.


Task--Resources-Sequence Tasks & Resources Sequence Execution Follow-up

Automatically, the tasks are assigned to a work stations according to manufacturing orders already launched. Modify easily theses assignments according to real daily constraints (resources, priorities, etc.) and send the operating tasks to corresponding work stations. Thanks to this visual tool, you stay informed of the manufacturing order progression, in real time. You will be able to modify tasks assignment at any time.


work cell Work Cell Data Entry

Define your own production follow-up forms and use the ones by defaults. You will use them to record discrete data in plant, and obtain a real vision of what is going on the ground. These forms may be automatically associated to manufacturing orders, work stations, or users. You will be able to attribute a specific appearance frequency to the work station, or alerts according to input data.


Efficiency-Analysis Efficiency Analysis

Use your real data with more efficiency: analyse corresponding statistics and calculate production indicators easier. You can define your own indicators or use those from the market, currently available on this tool.
The information can be taken from existing database or from "Work Cell Data Entry" product, used for the discrete data record in plant.