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process definition Industrialization Process Definition

Define all phases and actions of your industrialization process, associated to their responsible, the expected deliverables, and the scheduled number of days. From this standard model, you will be able to generate a project follow-up automatically, and a Web structure entirely dedicated to the project documentation.


web Web Documents Management

In a Web environment, specially structured for the company, find all information associated to the industrialization process: documents per project, per process phase, per department... This way, you will be able to access the information easier, decreasing the search time. The process information can be extern to Krontime (calculation sheet, text sheet, presentation, e-mail, etc.) or come from a specific product (FMECA, time analysis, control plan, etc.).


process-management Process Management

Manage the projects which come from industrialization process with more facility. The generated actions are automatically assigned to physical resources according to existing projects, and time allocated in the standard process. From here, it is easy to modify the assignment according to real constraints and priorities. In case of change, change the tasks sequence in one click: the project will be updated automatically, and all project members will be informed in real time.


data Data & Document Entry per Activity

Each resource has its own Web environment of actions validation. Control the various ways to validate an action: predefined form, form specific to the process, document entry, etc. The documents are automatically sent to the project documentation Web. Actions statuses instantaneously go to the project follow-up tool, where the project manager will be informed of the industrialization process progress, in an automatic way.


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