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Improvement-Planning--Management-1 Improvement Planning & Management

Define global objectives and/or assign ones to departments or individuals. To an objective, you can associate indicators to control its evolution and the execution of its actions plan, and finally achieve results.
Add easily details to each objective and action: who would be involved, how and when, what will be their impact to the initial defined objectives.
This tool allows you to follow all company's objectives, and their related actions, to monitor the degree of execution and to determine the corrective actions needed in front of any eventuality.


data in Data Entry & Data Collection

Define electronic forms for discrete data collection, and subsequent statistical analysis. The definition of the associated templates allows you to control the type of expected answers, through predetermined type of fields. The data collection can be done through a Web access or with an industrial screen device. These data will feed automatically all follow-up indicators, in order to monitor the progress of the project.
This tool can organize automatically the forms according to production orders, users or type of work, adding frequency reminders, or warnings based on input data.
From here, any type of graphs and formats can be set to export the results.


Statistics Performance Statistics & Performance Indicators

Convert your plant data into statistical analysis and calculate the necessary indicators, in an automatic way. An important number of indicators can be defined by the user, but the product contains of most common indicators in the market.
The data processed within the product could come from existing databases or by using the product "Data Collection" for a discrete data collection directly from the shop floor. In this way, statistical analysis and indicators are obtained instantaneously, and the results are visible in real time.