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KRONTIME: Lean Solution for Continuous Improvement

Michael Wendenburg, Free Lance Journalist and PLM Specialist

Serial production is not what it used to be when customers could buy a Tin Lizzy in any colour as long it was black. As products are manufactured in more variants and change more frequently over lifetime, manufacturing engineers have to continuously adapt and improve their processes. A difficult task when relevant information is dispersed over individual files and databases. KRONTIME offers them a digital manufacturing software suite to support Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement strategies.

Manufacturing companies are facing many challenges when trying to bring innovative products faster to the market. To speed up product development they have implemented a powerful set of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools. ERP solutions help them to better manage their company's resources, but when it comes to define in detail how to manufacture their products, to measure manufacturing performance and to plan for process improvements there is no single solution in place to bridge the gap between product definition and product production, closely integrated with PLM and ERP. This is what digital manufacturing is all about.

In fact, digital manufacturing is a slow growing niche market with less than 500 million US dollars revenue worldwide in 2010, according to the PLM consulting company CIMdata ( The sluggish evolution is in part due to the fact that the mayor vendors have been heavily focussing on high-end, 3D-based solutions for visualization and simulation of production lines which may be useful for big automotive manufacturers but not for small and mid-sized companies (SMB). Maybe they do not need digital manufacturing? Yes they do because they face basically the same challenges in production. They have to better manage process efficiency to be able to respond to a changing demand with very variable manufacturing batches, to deliver customized products of better quality and to reduce lead times. They need to standardize production units to gain flexibility and to reduce all activities that, from a customer's perspective, do not add any value to the product.

leanLean Manufacturing basically means to only produce what the customer demands and when he demands it. In this sense, providers of digital manufacturing solutions have not been very lean-oriented in the past. They did not offer what customers wanted. SMBs need easy to use and quickly to implement solutions that guarantee a fast return on invest (ROI). On the other hand they need scalable solutions that offer full support for the various engineering tasks and disciplines involved in manufacturing: Process definition and analysis, production time calculation, resource management, workgroup document management and collaboration etc. KRONTIME addresses these needs with an integrated software suite of digital manufacturing tools designed for fast deployment.

Based in Barcelona, KRONTIME is a start-up company with a proven track record. Its market success builds on the core team's long time experience programming customer specific digital manufacturing solutions that have nourished the KRONTIME® suite of standard software. "Our vision was to offer a best practice approach suitable for SMBs based on the experience derived from important customer projects", explains Jordi Portella, co-founder and General Manager of the company. Thanks to the successful project work in the past, KRONTIME counts on a valuable installed customer base with some 30 companies in various industries, among them renowned global players like DELPHI, FAGOR, GESTAMP, HONEYWELL, JBC, JOHNSON CONTROLS, MAGNETTI MARELLI, PIKOLIN, ROCA RADIADORES, SEAT, and many others.

lean2KRONTIME's digital manufacturing solution contains different software tools focussed on defining the manufacturing process from the routings level down to the single operation, matching it to the real world, i.e. the manufacturing performance indicators, and managing the continuous improvement process. The software supports different user groups from manufacturing engineers who define operations, calculate times and balance resources, to managers who want to calculate the cost of a given product line and compare it to other configurations. "At the heart of our solution is the bill of operations (BOO) that can be related to information from other company sources like the ERP bill of material or the design structure in PLM, creating a consistent knowledge data base for manufacturing ", explains Director Product Management Jordi Godàs. A web-based content management gives work teams access to manufacturing-related information including quality control or health and safety instructions, improving collaboration of the different disciplines involved in the manufacturing process.

"Main benefit of implementing KRONTIME® is a more productive manufacturing engineering", assures Jordi Portella, "as it allows rapid reconfiguration of production and assembly lines, easy management of the production mix and huge time savings on batch production changes." If true this definitely helps companies to improve their competitiveness.


About Krontime
Krontime is an independent software vendor who develops and implements innovative solutions for Production Engineering.
His offer provides the complete suite of functionality necessary to define the processes, optimise the working methods and follow-up the continuous improvement initiatives.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. http:/

rene7 - 9 february 2017, Industry show, Rennes

Krontime participate to the Industry show,on the Exhibition Park of Rennes, the days 7, 8 and 9 february 2017.


INDUSTRIE-BanniereParis, from the 4th of april to the 8th. Krontime will be on the Stand D121 in the "Industrie" show

Krontime will participate to the "Industrie" show on the next april.

lyon 4How to implement a Kaizen solution on Cloud

Conference from Coralie Jogama from Krontime Customer Service - How to very simple initiate a continuous improvement process with the definition of objectives, control indicators and improvement actions follow-up. All within an integrated software solution on Cloud.
For further information, please contact us.

lyon 3 Success of Krontime @ Industrie Lyon 2015

Krontime launched his new suite of solutions to improve the process efficiency and work-cells effectiveness within industrial organization during his participation to the « Industrie Lyon 2015 » show. It was specially dedicate to the new solution focused on process Industrialization.

Krontime Industrie Lyon 2015191.31 KB


Last Sunday December 7th, La Vanguardia published an article talking about Krontime. This article does emphasis the work Krontime is developing to increase their customer's business productivity through technological programs that offer customized industrial improvements.

La Vanguardia2.51 MB

El pasado domingo 7 de Diciembre, La Vanguardia publicó un artículo hablando sobre Krontime. En dicho artículo se hace hincapié en el trabajo que desarrolla Krontime para aumentar la productividad de sus clientes mediante programas tecnológicos que ofrecen mejoras industriales...


image001-2Le Journal de la Production highlighted Krontime as an example of innovation

The French magazine Le Journal de la Production highlighted Krontime as an example of innovation. Our company has become an international innovation leader in the Progiciels Innvovation Meeting which was developed last October in Annecy (France).

Le Journal de la Production1.89 MB



Krontime, a solutions company that contributes to the competitiveness of its clients through the implementation of solutions that improve productivity and efficiency of processes located in Barcelona, has participated during 2014 in the Barcelona Mentoring Program. This program is conceived and designed to encourage the development of new business projects and also serves to transmit to new entrepreneurs and SMEs the know-how of other business managers with the aim of boosting growth and consolidation of new companies in Barcelona.

This initiative promoted by the...



 At the upcoming exhibition "IndustrieLyon 2013", from 16 to 19 April, KRONTIME (stand 6w68) unveils the 2013 version of its software intended for Production Engineers. Without an equivalent on the market, the software suite Krontime Improvement® provides information on the status of ongoing actions in the plant or in the Group. It analyses and compares the different sites.

Without an equivalent in the world of Production Engineering, the Suite Application KRONTIME IMPROVEMENT® is specially designed for engineers working daily on improving processes in Mechanics, Food...



At the upcoming exhibition Industry-Lyon2013, from 16 to 19 April, KRONTIME (stand 6W68) unveils version 2013 of its software intended for Production Engineers. Three application suites meet three key industrial issues: the definition of the process, the management of the working methods and lines of operations and the planning and management of improvements.

1. KRONTIME PROCESS® is a suite of products to help Process Engineers rethink the way they operate by defining manufacturing workflows, associate critical documentation, simulate the process "in context" of a...


logo-FBFAGORBRANDT generalise the usage of KRONTIME in all their production plants in France

A project responding to the necessity form engineering on defining their production operations and balancing their assembly lines, also with bidirectional integration to their enterprise ERP system. A successful case study...

FagorBrant and Krontime306.76 KB


Lyon 201316-19 April 2013, Stand 6-W68 The event for Production Technologies

Come to visit us at the international industry show in Lyon (France).
Krontime will introduce a new suite of products and speak at conferences all week about the critical role that production engineering play with continuous improvement initiatives...


jornadasJornadas Krontime Lean Factory

 Mayo 2012 (Zaragoza- Pamplona- Bilbao - Vitoria - Barcelona)

 Jornadas Krontime498.93 KB


Pour répondre aux produits personnalisés, séries courtes et délais de plus en plus serrés, la société Krontime présente lors d'Industrie 2012, deux nouvelles innovations qui viennent compléter sa suite des logiciels KRONTIME LEAN FACTORY®.
-Le nouveau produit KRONTIME ANALYSTE, proposée en monoposte, qui s'adresse aux marchés de consultants et analystes de méthodes et d'études de temps et qui se caractérise par un ticket d'entrée de 8K€ à 15K€. Utilisable sur PC, elle permettra aux utilisateurs de gérer les opérations et mesures des temps, de réaliser l'équilibrage de...


Industrie-2011---LyonKRONTIME remarqué lors d'Industrie Lyon 2011

Exposant sur l'espace Informatique Industrielle, KRONTIME a présenté pour la première fois sa solution logicielle "KRONTIME LEAN FACTORY®"

Celle-ci se compose de sept produits qui intègrent plusieurs disciplines de l'ingénierie : analyse des process, calcul des temps, équilibrage des lignes, gestion des fiches de documentation, gestion des ressources, ... qui constituent une base de connaissance autour des procédés de fabrication. Les responsables industrialisation mettent rapidement en forme les process et opérations, déterminent les critères-clés à partir des...


KAIZENKaizen: small improvements, big benefits.

Invited by the revue Industrie & Technologies, Jordi Portella expose his point of view about the enterprise business initiatives around continuous improvement. A tool to support a good planning and management of improvement activities is required...

Industrie & Technologies5.06 MB


"This is an indispensable tool to achieve the goal of industrial organizations which is to increase the efficiency of the teams in a continuous improvement process" says Jordi Portella, co-founder of company KRONTIME, pioneer in the field of Digital Manufacturing.

The Krontime solution is designed to improve Lean organizations and support an approach sustained over time. Manufacturing engineers and technicians will share a common database and a cooperative platform with consistent and reliable information.

A quick and powerful analysis capability of KRONTIME LEAN...


entrevista3Krontime @ ABC newspaper

ABC newspaper interview to Jordi Portella, general manager of Krontime, about their innovative approach using a production operations knowledge base and a suite of applications to support a sustainable implementation of Lean, with a solution for process simulation and analysis.

ABC176.29 KB

KrontimeKrontime is a collaborative platform to improve the production process efficiency

La Vanguardia newspaper interview to Jordi Portella and Jordi Godàs, associated founders of Krontime.

 La Vanguardia2.51 MB


Lors du salon Industrie 2010 qui s'est tenu en mars dernier à Villepinte, KRONTIME a présenté deux conférences sur l'espace Industrie 2020.
Les nombreux participants ont ainsi pu passer en revue les challenges auxquels l'industrie est confrontée et les démarches de succès proposées: « Les produits sont de plus en plus personnalisés, la demande varie constamment, les unités de fabrication de plus en plus souples deviennent proches des clients finaux » expliquait Jordi Portella, co-fondateur de Krontime. « Il faut changer notre façon de travailler en appliquant les...


Lancement-activite-en-FranceJacques Cornélis, responsable du marché français

Depuis  avril 2010, Jacques Cornelis a pris la responsabilité du développement des ventes KRONTIME sur le marché français. Professionnel bien connu du marché PLM, il dispose d'une expérience sans égale dans le monde du Bureau d'études, des Méthodes et de la fabrication. C'est ainsi qu'il a participé aux études et fabrication d'automatismes industriels et systèmes complets à la Compagnie Electromécanique (absorbée par le Groupe Alsthom) et s'est occupé de la partie automatismes dans la division robotique d'Asea, Chez les constructeurs informatiques et éditeurs de...