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cdti enisa

 CDTI and ENISA  supports our financial investment projects on segmenting our solutions and penetration into international markets.

company-2 Proved Track Record

KRONTIME product suite has a long and proved track record of delivering significant business benefits to clients in many different industry sectors, including: automotive, electronics, textile, household products, construction and many more.We continue to invest in the latest technologies to ensure our products offer the most competitive solutions to industry, enabling our customers to improve their manufacturing operations and support an evolving market demand.

company-1 Oriented to Customer Benefits

Our implementation methodology aims to transfer our knowledge to customers to optimize the use of our products and continuously improve user's ability to define, monitor and optimize their manufacturing processes and resources.Our priority is to deliver high quality products and services to our clients to achieve maximum benefits, by providing a complete set of consulting services to our clients during the implementation process.Krontime provides also an annual Customer Service program through different levels of product and service subscriptions.